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Mikugames is a Finnish-Swedish boardgame company with its base in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Mikugames has so far released a monstergame-series, called The Finnish Trilogy 1939-1945® (2014). The next game to be released is TORNIO '44 (2015).

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April 9th, 2015

Latest News from Mikugames

The TORNIO ’44 game:
I’m currently one week behind schedule. The main reason is that the microfilms of the German documents that I was studying in the National Archives in Helsinki revealed some inaccuracies in the German Order of Battle. I also needed to add a couple of more German units and markers. I managed to squeeze an additional column of counters in the countersheet. This means that the game will include 228 counters (instead of 216 counters).

The playing time of the game has increased to 6-10 hours (instead of 4-6 hours).
The complexity level has also increased from a 4 to a 5 (on a scale from 1 to 10).

The German units (of the Army) will have a darker green/gray color than what was the case before.

The pre-order price will remain the same until the pre-order period has ended, which will be on April 26th at 24.00 hours Swedish time.

Due to some added expenses, the retail prices for the game will increase. The new retail prices will be:
TORNIO ’44 - boxed version with dice = 44 EUR (+ shipping cost).
TORNIO ’44 - ziplock version (no dice) = 34 EUR (+ shipping cost).

I have received only positive comments so far on the unique combat system included in the game. Here is a summary of the combat system in the TORNIO ’44 game:
1). The odds ratio of a combat is calculated in the same way as is done in most wargames.
Instead of consulting a regular Combat Results Table (CRT) that includes a number of columns based on the odds ratio, the odds ratio tells you how many dice are to be rolled by each of the two sides (players) in the actual combat.
Example: The attacking player has four units and the defending player has two units in the combat. The final odds ratio is 3:1 (in favor for the attacking player). The attacking player rolls three dice and the defending player rolls 1 die. This means that the first number in an odds ratio always refers to the number of dice that the attacking player has to roll (in this case three), and the second number always refers to the number of dice that the defending player has to roll (in this case one, which is also most common). The attacking player always rolls his dice first.
2). The attacking player totals the number of the dice rolled. The result is converted into Action Points (APs). The defending player then must spend those APs on combat actions.
Example: The attacking player rolled his three dice and received 3 + 4 + 5 = 12. The defending player must spend 12 APs of combat actions on his unit(s).
3). There are six different combat actions in the game:

  • No Effect - costs 1 AP. May only be used (spent) when only one die was rolled.
  • Broken 1 Level - costs 2 APs.
  • Broken 2 Levels - costs 3 APs.
  • Retreat - costs 2 APs (Retreat = all units in one hex must retreat one hex).
  • Panic - costs 3 APs (Panic = all units participating in the combat must retreat two hexes).
  • Step Loss - costs 4 APs (flip a unit to its reduced strength side or remove a reduced strength side unit from play).

It is the owning player's choice how to spend the APs on his unit(s). He may always spend more APs than the required amount of APs which is the same as the total received of the dice rolled by the opponent player.
Example: The defending player must spend the 12 APs on combat actions that the attacking player just rolled. Both of the defending units in the target hex are on their frontside and not currently Broken. The defending player decides to spend the 12 APs in the following way:
Unit A - Broken 1 Level (2 APs) and then to Broken 2 Levels (3 APs) = a total of 5 APs.
Unit B - same as Unit A = a total of 5 APs.
Both units retreat = a total of 2 APs.
This is a grand total of 12 APs (5 + 5 + 2). Both units are seriously Broken and have retreated, but no step losses were needed on the units. The next thing is that the defending player rolls his 1 die. If he rolls a 5 or 6 he may continue to roll (Defender Bonus DR). The result of the die (or dice) rolled by the defending player is converted into APs in the same way as with the attacking player's DRs. The attacking player spends APs in the same way based on the total result of the dice rolled by the defending player. The combat is over.
The "Defender Bonus DR" is included in the game to simulate that the defender is effectively dug-in but in an abstract way as there are no dug-in markers in the game. This rule will give a better balance and also add more dynamics in a combat.

March 12th, 2015
A sneak peek of the latest playtest version (0.99) of the TORNIO '44 Rules Manual (pages 1-12) can be downloaded from here:

March 9th, 2015
I will attend in a game happening in Helsinki on March 28th. I will bring two copies of the latest playtest version of the TORNIO '44 game and do some final playtesting. This is a good opportunity to try out this game before printing.

I will also go through some microfilms of German documents in the National Archives in Helsinki in order to make the game even more accurate.

    The pre-order period for the TORNIO '44 game has started!
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The samples are the final game art.
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