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Mikugames is a Finnish-Swedish boardgame company with its base in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Mikugames has so far released a monstergame-series, called The Finnish Trilogy 1939-1945® (2014) and a smaller independent game called TORNIO '44 (2015). To order the TORNIO '44 game, go to the "To Order" menu.

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September 30th, 2015
The Swedish television's Finnish speaking news (SVT 2 Uutiset) had a short documentary yesterday about TORNIO '44. See the shortened version of the video clip on the right column.

September 24th, 2015
The videos are up. There may be a risk that they will not work on all web browsers or smart phones.

September 17th, 2015
New FINTRI Components and Prices list (2015) in "The Games" menu.

TORNIO '44 Instructional video in Finnish
TORNIO '44 Instructional video in Swedish
SVT 2 - Uutiset (News video clip of the TORNIO '44)

The TORNIO '44 Rules Manual can be downloaded in "The Games" menu. It is version 1.1 (in low resolution) which means that all errata discovered until mid June 2015 have been fixed. Most of the errata is also found in the "TORNIO Errata" menu.
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