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Mikugames is a Finnish-Swedish boardgame developer/designer with its base in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Mikugames has so far released the HUGE wargame trilogy about the Finnish struggle during World War II, called The Finnish Trilogy 1939-1945®. The volumes are: 1. Winter War 1939-1940 campaign, 2. Continuation War 1941-1944 campaign and 3. Lapland War 1944-1945 campaign. To read more about these games and the trilogy in general, click on the left menu or the boxcovers below.

Vol. 1 Winter War 1939-1940
Vol. 2 Continuation War 1941-1944
Vol. 3 Lapland War 1944-1945

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November 20th, 2014
The FINTRI videos part IV-VI will be delayed a couple of months. I needed to take a short break from The Finnish Trilogy in order to clear my mind and focus on the new game I'm currently developing. It will be a light and higly playable Company-level game about a topic that I will reveal, with samples, on the first week of January 2015. It will from then on also be possible to pre-order it.

I still have a handful of Vol. 1 Winter War games left. They were at first reserved for a couple of stores, but it has turned out that they have gone out of business. Vol. 2 and 3 are, however, sold out.

October 10th, 2014
Games remaining (as of October 10th):
Vol. 1 Winter War game = 2
Vol. 2 Continuation War game = 0
Vol. 3 Lapland War expansion - boxed version = 0
Vol. 3 Lapland War expansion - ziplock version = 1

The ziplock version of Vol. 3 costs 25 EUR + a shipping cost of 14 EUR (despite destination). If you are interested, contact me at info@mikugames.com

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Master Rules Manual version 1.0 (pdf, 21,8 MB)
FINTRI Official Errata September 2014 (pdf, 316 KB)
Extended Master Sequence of Play Chart (doc, 140 KB)
FINTRI Components and Prices List 2014 (pdf, 220 KB)
FINTRI Video Part I
FINTRI Video Part II
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